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The Moffatts Fan Fiction
This community is dedicated to the dying fandom of the pop rock band, The Moffatts. We're here to keep the love alive by reading, writing, & discussing The Moffatts fan fiction, or as we like to call it, Moffic! Yup, we want to continue supporting the bros by writing about them and making the occasional graphic/icon post. Feel free to post links to your own Moffic, tell us about Moffatt's links, share icons, or discuss the bros music and various projects! We also like picture & video inspiration to help motivate the fandom to write, write, write!!!


1. No spamming! If you spam your own site, community, group, fic, etc. without actually participating in the community itself, you will be banned.

2. No bashing or wanking! If you don't like someone's graphics, website, or fanfic please don't intentionally be rude to people. Use common sense as your guide. All constructive criticism is welcomed, but you will be banned for being mean.

3. You may ask for help with fic or graphics or even HTML/coding, but do NOT blatantly request someone to make you something or host your fanfic. Please directly message or comment on an individual's journal and maybe they will help you. If not, I can direct you to communities that specialize in these things.

4. Right now, because of "spam" type issues, we have everything moderated. We will also only accept journals/accounts that have been active for 6 months or longer and have 5 or more entries posted. We have the right to turn requests away based on suspicious behaviors or evidence of "sock" accounts. We're not that strict though, promise!

5. If you have been removed from this community due to violating any of the rules, your ban is permanent and you will NOT be allowed to rejoin.

Posting Guidelines for Moffic & Graphics:

Please include the following information at the top of your post:

- Title
- Author
- Genre
- Pairing
- Warning/Disclaimer
- link for story website or to text at your journal

* Please use a cut tag for text longer than 250 words and for pictures/graphics
* Please use the tags appropriately. The mods reserve the right to add or modify the tags on any entry.
* Comments should be open on your post (not screened)
* Mark your entry as "MEMBER'S ONLY" please!!!
* This is a moderated entry community, we will approve your post ASAP, just be patient hehe!

Join us, and spread the LOVE!

The Moffatts Fan Fiction

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